Breakfast Nook


Fireplace: Home Depot almost a decade ago (I like this one even better than ours) | Table: Second Hand (similar here and here) | Chairs: CTC Event Furniture | Blankets: Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart | Cake Stand: Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart | Glass Cake Dome: Pottery Barn 

I have been trying to get our kitchen area to be in a place that feels good and more us. Because the actual kitchen doesn’t feel like us I’ve been really trying to work on the spaces that surround it and create a space that will work with our future kitchen renovation. This breakfast nook feels so “me”. I love having a fireplace where we eat (that was the selling point for moving the dining room into the formal living room in this house). I love all the white and the weathered beachy finish to the chairs. Just picture the space with a dark hardwood floor, instead of a rug we’ve stained again and again, and white French doors leading out to a patio.

AJ and I have been brainstorming constantly about the kitchen and how we want to redo it. A few months ago we got a rough sketch of a new kitchen possibility by a kitchen designer and felt really  sad that there wasn’t seats at the island, or the ability to have seats at the island because of the layout. So we’ve been really trying to see the space in a new light and really utilize the whole kitchen area better. It’s a really large space but it’s the most awkward space and on two levels so we’ve had to be very creative to get what’s important to us.

Until the kitchen is redone we are working on making everything around it fit our style!

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