Stripes for Days (sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens)

I always feel like I’m learning as I go with Drew, well, actually, all my kids, but mostly with him because he’s the oldest. There are so many times that AJ and I find ourselves frustrated with him and it’s funny, more often than not it’s about things that one of us, or both, have so obviously passed on to him, or that he’s so similar to us. I was always that kid that loved to read and create things. He is definitely my child in that respect. One thing I’d been wanting to do for a while was give him a desk where he could spread out his drawing and have a space away from Elle. Elle… my sweet girl who lives in la-la land sometimes… Drew gets so mad at her when she leaves the marker tops off so the other day when Walmart had Drew’s favorite markers for 50 cents I picked each of them up two packs (#bigspender) so that he never has to worry about her touching his markers again (I hope).

When we first moved in his room was my top priority. The rest of the house could look like a disaster but his room had to be practically perfect. And it was pretty good for about two years. But lately I felt that it needed some help. I took the jute rug from another part of the house and layered it under his rug. We added in the rustic desk and second lamp into this space. I bought new curtain rods (actually just dowels I might paint) and rehung his curtains. I added in some plants for greenery.

The desk and lamp are both from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart and they’ve been perfect for Drew. They are very heavy and well made but not priced in such a way that it would be unthinkable to place in a kids’ room. I made the curtains about three years ago from West Elm shower curtains because I couldn’t find anything cheaper that were white and navy stripped… it would be been a lot easier, and cheaper, if Better Homes and Gardens had THESE out back then.

Oh, and what do you think of Drew’s self portrait on his bulletin board. I love kids artwork… 🙂

This post is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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