The Flip: Countertops

We have a little under two weeks left of our most insane summer ever. I’ll share more details why in another post but this flip was, and continues to be, a big part of it. If you are new here AJ is a middle school teacher so he has the summers off. He’s always used the time to do renovations on our rentals but this year we decided to bite the bullet for our fourth flip. If any of you have spouses who are teachers you may know how hard the transition to summer is when the schedule is so different from the school year… for everyone in the family. We find all of us adapt better to the schedule change if there isn’t much change so AJ generally leaves for the day and puts in six – eight hours at the flip or the rentals each day. Of course there are vacations or beach days but in general the same daily routine works best for our family.

My job is to do all the shopping and sourcing of materials and AJ’s job is to install them. It’s basically my dream situation. 🙂 We had a budget of $3000 for the countertops so I went to the granite installers and told them my budget (we had a rough idea of the square feet of countertop) and asked to see the pieces of granite they had in the under $50 / square foot category. They had three slabs of this amazing honed Jet Mist granite left over from another project that they sold us for $45 / square foot. It looks a lot like soapstone but without the maintenance.

^^ Notice the variations in counter… the little cutting board they made us shows it really well.  This area will be staged as a coffee bar with THIS MUG STAND.^^

^^ My favorite part of the kitchen… I just purchased this gorgeous long wooden cutting board to stage this space with one of our large rectangular ones! Aren’t those windows amazing?!? ^^

^^ Bar stools will be at this long counter area… I think I’ll use the sea grass ones from our former home (similar ones HERE and SO affordable). ^^

^^ We hope the plumbers and electrician will finish up this week so the wall and ceiling can be finished and patched back up… and so the faucet and dishwasher can be installed correctly. 🙂 ^^

I am so excited to show you the dining room progress next… AJ re-drywalled the entire thing and it looks fantastic! He’s about 70% done redrywalling the bedrooms upstairs as well… he’s a machine. 🙂


Cabinets, Sink and Faucet: Building Supply Outlet || Peabody, MA (If you are from the North Shore of MA and are redoing a house… GO HERE! We get such great deals!!!)

Counters: North Shore Marble and Granite || Peabody, MA

Range (the reviews on other sites were better than you see on Amazon), Dishwasher, Fridge and Microwave

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