The Essex Ave Flip: Dining Room Progress

I am so excited to show you the dining room! It was a very dated room before with pretty awful wallpaper… now it’s light and bright. The color is one that we have in our home in our upstairs and downstairs hallways and our dining room. It’s called Stormy Weather and I love how it’s the most slight gray with very little undertones (if anything it reads green).

AJ redrywalled the space and with the addition of the GORGEOUS new light from Pottery Barn it’s going to be a stunning room. Let’s talk about the light… I am even more impressed in person with it; it’s huge and heavy and an all around a statement piece. It’s surprisingly affordable for such an enormous light too… I’m currently simultaneously on their site now looking for other similar glass lights for the flip’s entry and kitchen. My tip of the day is to look not just for chandeliers when you are searching for a new hanging light but search for pendants… generally the price will be a lot lower.

So, what do you think? It’s starting to look like a gorgeous blank slate, isn’t it? I am dying to stage this room… we currently own everything I’m using so it’s really easy for me to envision what the space will look like. I marked on some of the photos where the other rooms are so you can get a feel for how the house flows:

I decided I need to start distinguishing the flips we are going to do… just in case AJ says yes to doing another one… so folks, #EssexAveFlip is born. Search with this hashtag to see any flip progress!

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