Sanded Floors

All along I knew I wanted Minwax’s Jacobean on the floors of the flip. We had them in our last house and LOVED them. I knew we’d adore the way they looked with the light walls… it would provide some great contrast.


Until the floor guys (NTP Hardwood) showed up and did their thing. Then I started to rethink everything. They did such an incredible job with the rooms that I wanted to let the beautiful wood shine through instead of hiding it. I texted them tonight and said: “Let’s just skip the stain and polyurethane everything.” I know we will never please 100% of the people that come through the doors of our flip’s open house and that’s okay but I knew that this choice would make the house feel so bright, open and airy in a way the darker would never have.

^^ Sunroom ^^

^^ I was worried the kitchen would look too dark with Jacobean and the dark counters… I think it was a good choice to go lighter. ^^

^^ Dining Room looking into Living Room and front entry. ^^

^^ AJ stripped wallpaper and we painted all the stair railings, balusters and risers. ^^ 

^^ Living Room ^^

^^ Master Bedroom ^^


Our next big step will be the carpet being installed upstairs (September 13). The NTP hardwood guys said that the orginal hardwood floors upstairs would never look right because it had been patched so many times (there are a lot of different kinds of wood in the floors up there and not in a good way) so we opted to just install carpet.

On an completely unrelated note, we have the babies’ foster care review September 5. I’m pretty nervous about sitting down with the babies’ birth parents so if you wouldn’t mind praying for that meeting I’d be so grateful. I have to come armed with all the info on the babies I have and I’ll get to hear about the parents’ progress on their action plans.

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