Fall at the Flip

This post is sponsored by Balsam Hill. I’ve worked with them in the past and cannot say enough good things about them!

We are so close to getting the flip completed. We are waiting on some new radiators, four were shot from frozen pipes before we purchased the house, and some finish work throughout the house. It’ll feel so good to get it on the market!

You know my goal for the flip has been to renovate and decorate it like a beach cottage, which is so easy in the summer, but a little more tricky in the fall. I kept all of the decorations in my signature white, navy and neutral color scheme which made working with white and green pumpkins and wood tones a natural choice.

The kitchen now has some open shelving surrounding the kitchen sink which I popped some dishes on and surrounded with glass canisters of oatmeal, cereal and granola (all that we regularly use at our house). I added Balsam Hill’s gorgeous green heirloom pumpkin to the mix for a little fall flavor.

You’ll see below the spot under the counter where the radiator was pulled out. We are having four new ones delivered from Maine hopefully in the next week or two!

The other end of the kitchen has the gorgeous transom windows and the new slide in range. I added in some of our cutting boards and a white pumpkin from Balsam Hill. The pumpkins look so real, they are definitely the best fakes I’ve ever seen!

The living room has been my favorite room of the house since the moment we did our first showing. The stunning moulding on the walls was painted three coats of white paint, a custom color to match the kitchen cabinets. I regularly searched Craigslist for IKEA Ektorp sofas and love seats. I love the white on white look but wanted to add some texture with the jute rug and the darker coffee table. I love simple eucalyptus branches in fall, especially because a large bunch of them is only $2.99 from Trader Joe’s. I paired them with Balsam Hill’s Faux Bois Candle Sticks and popped white pumpkins on top of each one. I love the candle sticks, they are heavy and substantial!

For those who aren’t familiar with our story we need to keep the identity of our twins, below, hidden on social media until their adoption becomes finalized… which, absolute best case scenario wouldn’t be until February or March of 2018.

I’ll leave you with some outdoor photos with the faux white and green heirloom pumpkins plus some real heirloom pumpkins… can you tell which is real and which is fake?

Next week I’m hoping to share with you our front steps two different ways, one with some of the orange accents I left out of today’s post, like with this heirloom pumpkin topiary. I’m excited to hear from you which way is more “you”.

What do you think of the flip progress?


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