Life Update

In the busyness of life, when I’m overwhelmed by the day to day and kids all talking to me at the same time it’s hard to remember update you on the big and little things in our lives that you’ve been so gracious to pray for and care about in my little posts on social media. Here’s the scoop on our life, Friends, in a few short paragraphs:

We had the trial for the babies’ parents’ rights to be terminated scheduled at the beginning of October. The afternoon before the trial we got word that it was postponed. This was the second time it’s been postponed so we expected it would be a few months. We heard the next day that the trial was rescheduled for mid February. It was really discouraging when it happened because I wanted answers but I need to realize that waiting is teaching me some hard lessons… like that patience isn’t my thing but it needs to be.

When AJ and I were in the midst of the flip we decided we needed to get away after we completed the house. We found really affordable tickets to France and booked four nights away in Paris (well, one as a red eye flight) over Thanksgiving. This was our longest time away from the kids. I can’t wait to share with you more about the trip… including the amazing Christmas decor around the city. I lived in these shoes that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for our exploring around the city didn’t get one blister even after miles of walking each day nor did I feel out of style with the Parisians. I’ll share with you one of my absolute favorite purchases ever that I got in Paris too… think glam.


The Flip

On Monday we had buyers for the flip back out because their financing didn’t come through (they needed to sell their home and their buyer backed out). We got that news on my birthday so needless to say it wasn’t the best birthday… and then we put it back on the market on Tuesday and had a full price offer come in with a closing date that is exactly the same as the offer that feel through. The inspection is tomorrow morning so we realize anything can happen and we could be back at square one. We intentionally did as much as we could to get it ready for a conventional mortgage (there was no way it was qualifying for one when we purchased it because so many big deal things needed to be done to the house) and then left things for the future home buyer to do (nothing incredibly major). I’ll talk more about that in another post but all that to say is that we know the inspection isn’t a slam dunk because some people might be scared off by a few of the remaining projects.

Christmas Gifts

I am almost done with our Christmas shopping. I always score on Black Friday so when I knew we would be in Paris for Thanksgiving I was worried I wouldn’t be ahead of the game or save as much as I usually do but I cleaned up at J. Crew Factory this year… have you ever shopped there? It is SO much more affordable than the regular J. Crew and I get tons of things for the whole family there. They sent me a coupon for 60% off an in store purchase to use the weekend before Thanksgiving so I went up to the Kittery, Maine outlet and checked a bunch of gifts off my list. I’m always on their website too and their shipping is just a $5 flat rate. This sounds like an ad but I’m really just obsessed. The quality is great and the items I purchase are Marshalls / TJ Maxx priced. I also get money back from EBates every time I shop there. EBates is another site I’ll go on and on about… especially if you do online shopping.

My other go-to for this year has been Amazon. I accidentally signed up for Amazon Prime a little over a year ago and it was one of the best accidents ever. It has been a game changer to have two day free shipping on tons of things… especially since getting to the store to shop isn’t as easy as it was pre-twins.

Another Project

Someone contacted me in October who follows our adventures renovating on Facebook and asked AJ and I if we would renovate their condo, which was previously a rental, and get it ready to sell. They live in the Midwest so they aren’t able to be a part of any of the process. They gave us $20,000 to do the entire space and basically said “you choose the best way to spend the money”. It’s already looking significantly better. The kitchen is going to be almost the exact same layout because there is no space to do anything differently

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to check out my last post about a Christmas dessert bar in case you missed it!

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