Best and Most Highly Recommended Purchases of 2017

We were predicted to get upwards of 15 inches of snow on Thursday so everyone had school cancelled, the kids stayed up later than usual and watched Little Rascals (for the second time this week) and we had blueberry pancakes this morning. I got up that morning, worked out, showered and then changed directly back into my favorite PJs.

These PJs make the list for my favorite purchases of 2017. They are on the pricer side, but I got them during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They are the most comfortable pair of pajamas EVER and I love them during summer or winter! My mom got me these PJs from Target for Christmas; they didn’t fit right (they run small) but the material felt almost identical to the Nordstrom ones (for half the price!)… although I couldn’t tell you how they wash.

Another one of my favorite purchases of the year snuck in at the last possible moment; we got these high chairs right before Christmas. I ordered them for the babies off of Amazon and these couldn’t be better… and the price was just right. I was so sick of constantly washing their other chairs that I googled “white plastic highchairs”. My only complaint is that the tray is hard to get off if you push it all the way into the locking position so I don’t do that. The entire chair took me about five minutes to assemble and it wipes clean so easily. It has made meal time a 100% less gross than having a food cover fabric cover over their high chairs.

Because we liked the chairs we bought for the office so much we ordered two more like it at the beginning of 2017. They’ve been great… I’m sitting in one of them now… and they are considerably less expensive than the Pottery Barn version of the same chair. (Our chair can also be found HERE.)

Our bed was given to us by Joss & Main in change for a sponsored post back in May, so it hasn’t technically been a purchase, but it’s been a dynamite bed at a relatively affordable price. I love how the headboard is on the tall side. The wing backs make it feel a little more luxurious as well. These two models are almost identical: HERE and the velvet version HERE.

I got these sneakers when AJ and I went to Paris because I didn’t want to look like a typical American tourist but I also wanted to be comfortable. They fit the bill for both of my criteria and were the perfect choice… I saw so many Parisians wearing these exact shoes or something very similar. Now I wear them all the time to be comfortable running errands with the babies with my bright pink jacket (similar HERE, mine was from Marshalls), black running tights and this hat and I feel a little more pulled together than in sweats but almost as comfy.

The flip was our best purchase and definitely our most profitable. It was sold yesterday to first time home buyers! It was a lot of fun to do something that was more farmhouse / cottage-y style than our own home.

Speaking of the flip… by far my favorite purchase for it was this gorgeous light. I purchased an incredibly large pendant, instead of something listed as a chandelier, to save a boodle.

I got these mugs toward the beginning of the year and they easily took the place of our smaller Pottery Barn mugs. They are large, comfortable to hold and at $3 each they don’t make me cry when AJ breaks one (not that that’s ever happened ;)).

Another one of my obsessions this past year is the website ThredUp. It’s affordable clothes that others have consigned. I got some gorgeous Stuart Weitzman shoes for our Christmas party for around $45 that were in PERFECT condition and  Kate Spade bag that I’ve been using constantly for around the same price. I love the site because you can search for things that have the tag still on or in brand new condition. I especially love their selection of Lilly Pulitzer because of how rediculously afforable it is… normally Lilly dresses are $100-$200 and I’ve seen a bunch in brand new condition on their site for $33. I’m going to stock up on a few for our trip to Florida in April and grab Elle some too. Seriously, though, check out ThredUp, I think you’ll have fun finding designer names at non-designer prices.

On a completely different note… I am totally obsessed with this new shampoo / conditioner combo. I have naturally curly / wavy hair and always have such a hard time blow drying my hair and making it look non-frizzy and healthy. I use this and just do a simple blow dry and it looks SO much more healthy than it ever has… I would highly recommend it, it works better than anything else ever has to give me straight, non-frizzy hair.




My last random item is our vacuum cleaner. It is so powerful and affordable. DEFINITELY one of our best purchases this year!

I’m going to do a complete list of what products have been ESSENTIAL with the twins later on. I would love to know what some of your favorite purchases were this year! Fill me in!


This is NOT a sponsored post and every item is in this post because it truly is a favorite. The links are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at ZERO extra cost to you.

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